Coming from a mining background, Quentin has more than 16 years experience in the mining/aggregate sectors. Being a qualified Boilermaker/Fitter-Welder of Trade, his innovative and out of the box thinking brings that extra touch to the normal tasks that you can normally expect.

He has saved big mining companies a lot of money in regards to their maintenance needs in the long run and always seems to amaze where he goes. Whatever project, big or small, Quentin and his experienced team, will be able to provide the best knowledge and solutions to your maintenance and projects needs.


Ronica Groenewald
Professional Accountant

Ronica has over 15 years experience as a Professional Accountant and was a member of SAIPA in South Africa, since coming to New Zealand Ronica has worked at BDO Accountants in Auckland and smaller firms in Hawke’s Bay.

Ronica now works full time at Innovate Engineering Solutions managing all the accounts and administration, while assisting her husband Quentin Groenewald with all the other day to day aspects of the business.

Stanley Snell

Stanley Snell
Qualified Fitter
Field Service Team Leader

Stanley Snell comes from a mining background in South Africa. He has over 15 years experience in the mining/aggregate sectors. Being a Qualified Fitter from trade, he brings a lot of innovative ideas and valuable skills to Innovate Engineering Solutions.

He is an expert in hydraulic/pneumatics and servicing all our clients when it comes to field service. Crushing/Screening, you name it, Stanley Snell can help!

George Inkson

George Inkson
Engineering Apprentice
AKA over-qualified apprentice

George Inkson has been working for Innovate Engineering Solutions for almost three years now and is nearly done with his apprenticeship.

He worked for Holcim NZ where he picked up valuable skills that he still contributes in his daily work tasks at Innovate Engineering Solutions.

Hardie Bruwer

Hardie Bruwer
Qualified Boilermaker

Hardie Bruwer is an honest, dependable, and incredibly hardworking. Beyond that, attention to detail and forward planning is meticulously and meets all deadlines.
He is knowledgeable, as with 18 years of experience within the industry as a qualified Boilermaker / Fitter-Welder of Trade you can only imagine the expertise within his field he will bring.

He is focused on machine availability and utilisation thereof. Hardie also have abroad working experience. Hardie also has coaching qualities to upskill and uplift employees he has used these qualities various time abroad as well.

Eduan Ruthven

Eduan Ruthven

Eduan Ruthven has been working for Innovate Engineering close to a year now. He prides himself in his attention to detail as well as completing tasks to the best of his ability. He is very hard working, self-motivated with a great work ethic. He prefers seeing the positive in life and with what he has. He makes every day count and he strives to bring happiness to others.

"There is always a solution to a problem, you just need to know where to look for it"